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Beyond the Fringes of God’s Ways

In Job 26:7-14 Job said that God stretched the north over empty space and hung the earth on nothing. He wrapped up water in his clouds and put boundaries to the ocean. Then he concluded that those were mere fringes of God’s ways (NAS)

In the book, Beyond the Fringes of God’s Ways, Juanita Fike has compiled 58 stories that share testimonies of God’s ways beyond normal human circumstances and how God’s power through His Gospel is bringing people to Christ.


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Our Purpose

The purpose of UIM is to establish indigenous churches among Native Indian, Mexican, and Hispanic peoples of North America built on the Scriptures and functioning within their cultural orientation.

Our Vision

The vision of UIM is to build cross-cultural relationships through committed people teaming together to accomplish our purpose.

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Our program is very flexible and can be structured around the requirements of your school program. Serve on the home front and help us fulfill the Great Commission!

The laborers are few

Native American and Hispanic communities across North America severely lack a sustainable gospel witness. With as little as 3% of Native Americans in the United States alone knowing Jesus as “the Way, the Truth and the Life”, the need to bring Jesus to them is great.