Serving overseas can be intimidating–we understand! If you’re feeling led to serve on the home front but not sure where you can make an impact, our internship can be customized for your school’s requirements. We offer a wide variety of mission fields where YOU can make a difference in the Kingdom. From social media to mission aviation, we are confident God can use you to make the Name above all names known to Native and Hispanics across North America.
Here’s what past interns had to say:

Nathan Rinne got to see what life as a missionary pilot with a family is like while in Mexico.  He saw that missionary families were not isolated but were connected to other believers by a common purpose and, in some cases, the ties of strong friendships.  (Nathan Rinne's story here)

I grew in the knowledge of Christ as my ultimate Counselor, Provider and Friend. He has taught me about the evils of the spiritual realm, as well as that the power of Christ’s name is greater. (Read about Kristi Fanning's experience here)

Ready to take the next step in faith?


Be sure that you’re in agreement with the UIM Statement of Faith and Position Statements before contacting Renae at 623.847.9227 Ext. 301 to request an internship form. You may also email her.