UIM Core Values

UIM Core Values

Core values are the deepest, most consistent and passionate beliefs that drive us as a mission family. They form the "culture" of UIM INTERNATIONAL. They identify what is most important to us. They dominate our decision making. They govern our priorities. They determine how we allocate the resources of personnel, time, technology, and capital. We recognize that striving for these values is a journey, not a destination. Thus, we commit to continually improve the application of each of these core values in our ministries.

Doctrinal Integrity – our doctrinal distinctives

               Based upon our conviction with respect to the nature of the Scriptures, as contained in the testaments of the Bible, we believe they are the very all-sufficient, inspired and inerrant Word of God. We believe they speak clearly historically and contemporarily. They address fully and completely the issues facing every age and every culture without need of revision or qualification. By careful contextual study (historical, grammatical, literal), they may be accurately interpreted, explained and applied to every cultural context and people group. Scripture must not be conformed to cultural norms, but rather culture must be shaped and transformed through Scripture, one obedient life at a time, by the working of God’s grace through His Spirit and Word.

Philosophical Integrity – our commitment to biblical church development

               Based upon our commitment to the sufficiency and clarity of Scripture, we commit ourselves to a process of biblical church development, life by life and people group by people group. The goal of establishing healthy reproducing local churches is realized by diligent and determined works of evangelism, exhortation, wise counsel, discipleship, and biblical leadership training. All means and methods that are conformed to and consistent with the character of Holy God as He is describe and displayed in Scripture, may be incorporated to bring the glorious message of His grace in Christ Jesus and the empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit in everyone who believes.

Financial Integrity – our stewardship accountability

               Based upon our recognition that “we are not our own” and that “everything comes from God,” we are dependent upon and accountable to the Lord, first and foremost, as well as to all who are led by Him to share by grace giving to the resource and financial needs of UIM International as a mission agency, and of the various ones and ministries that comprise the ministry of the Lord in the work of UIM. We seek to maintain the highest financial standards as required by the laws and regulations incumbent upon a duly formed 501(C)3, non-profit organization, but above those standards we seek to achieve those standards that are compliant with biblical principles of wise stewardship.

Leadership Integrity – our training across the leadership spectrum

               Based upon the model of our Lord Jesus Christ (the training of His twelve disciples) and the preponderance of biblical examples (in both testaments), we are committed to leadership development at all levels. Not simply leadership development for the indigenous local church, but leadership example and development across the spectrum of our ministry. This will include intentional leadership enhancement for UIM’s Board of Directors, Administrative Team, field missionary teams, indigenous leaders, and all partnership relationships.

Faithful Intercessory Prayer – our dependence on spiritual wisdom and resources

               Based upon the model of our Lord Jesus Christ, who regularly and dependently prayed to His Father, and the reality that our ministry is spiritual and not carnal, and thus dependent upon the provisions of our Heavenly Father, we are committed to practice biblical prayer as the basis of meeting all needs within the scope of UIM’s ministries. We will freely share our needs and appeal to the Father, and fellow believers to share with us in prayer, on behalf of the needs – physical, material and spiritual – of UIM International. Prayer is to be our major emphasis and practice, privately and publically, formally and informally. Prayer is to be taught as a matter of spiritual growth for new believers, and faithfully practiced and modeled in the lives of all. It is to be a central characteristic of all in leadership across the spectrum of UIM’s ministry organizationally (administrative ministry) and organically (field ministry).

With the above Core Values as our foundation for ministry, we seek to advance the following objectives:


A commitment to Scripture as our absolute authority

•             We reaffirm annually our convictions expressed in the UIM INTERNATIONAL doctrinal statement.
•             We establish churches consistent with the doctrinal position of the mission.
•             We apply truth in our relationships.


A commitment to our dependence on the power of God

•             We believe that God has ordained prayer as a means to accomplish His will.
•             We resolve to greatly impact our ministries through intercession.
•             We seek to enhance the quality and quantity of prayer within the mission family.
•             We desire to promote the quality and quantity of prayer among our constituency.


A commitment to working in and through the local church

•             We affirm the centrality of the local church.
•             We recognize and honor the biblical responsibilities of sending churches.
•             We serve sending, supporting, and field churches.


A commitment to people before programs

•             We believe a healthy relationship with God drives our relationships with others.
•             We seek to engage in active, daily evangelism through establishing redemptive relationships.
•             We value the priority of family relationships.
•             We refer to UIM INTERNATIONAL as a family instead of an institution.
•             We function as teams, embracing interdependence and accountability.


A commitment to quality

•             We desire to have everything we do represent Christ well.
•             We pursue excellence without excess or extravagance.
•             We recognize that excellence is relative to local culture.


A commitment to supporting those we lead

•             We view servant leadership as an attitudinal reflection of the humility of Christ, while recognizing the importance of organizational 
•             We are devoted to an attitude of love and service instead of command and control.
•             We measure leadership by whether we produce successors; therefore, we are committed to reproducing servant leaders.


A commitment to personal and corporate development

•             We desire to be life-long learners so that we can be innovative, creative, flexible, and effective without compromising biblical truth.
•             We desire a culture that learns from failure and is willing to experiment.
•             We actively pursue opportunities for self-improvement, personally and professionally.